Nothing is as potent or powerful as the holy name.

Japa Prayers …………… Home Page “There is no vow like chanting the holy name, no knowledge superior to it, no meditation which comes anywhere near it, and it gives the highest result. No penance is equal to it, and nothing is as potent or powerful as the holy name. Chanting is the greatest act of […]

Krishna will never forget those who chant His name

Japa Prayers …………… Home Page In the Adi Purana Lord Krishna says to Arjuna: “Listen attentively. When the living entity chants my name, whether out of devotion or indifference, then his name will remain forever in my heart, I will never forget such a soul.” Adi Purana Japa Prayers …………… Home Page

My very life and only treasure

Japa Prayers …………… Home Page “All glories, all glories to the all blissful name of Sri Krishna, which causes the devotees to give up all coventional religious duties, meditation and worship. When somehow or other uttered, even once, by a living entity, the holy name awards him liberation. The holy name of Krishna is the […]

Standard prayers

Sacred mantra invocation om ajnana-timirandhasya jnananjana-salakaya cakshur unmilitam yena tasmai sri-gurave namah sri-caitanya-mano-’bhishtam sthapitam yena bhu-tale svayam rupah kada mahyam dadati sva-padantikam I was born in the darkest ignorance, and my spiritual master opened my eyes with the torch of knowledge. I offer my respectful obeisances unto him. When will Srila Rupa Gosvami Prabhupada, who […]

There is no way I can save myself

Surrender …………… Home Page O Nandanandana, please be merciful upon me. Being Your eternal servant, somehow or other I have fallen into this ocean of material existence, and although I am struggling very hard, there is no way I can save myself. Please kindly pick me up and consider me as a particle of dust […]